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Ninja name quote from Bansenshukaispacer2

The ninja name is a certain kind of code name of Japanese ancient special-forces soldier in the battlefield and the secret mission. Please take a look at the image listed left(or above).

It means “Without noise, sound, fame, or valor; that merit, like the creation of heaven and earth.” And this ancient Japanese quote expresses ninja’s the way it should be indeed well. To complete missions in secret, besides all that, ninja solder should conceal his/her true colors. So proper ninja name was separately needed with the real name.

Well-known themes of Japanese ninja names

Attribute, Elements

  • 火 fire (hi), 炎 flame (en, hono), 焔 fiery blaze (en, homura), 水 water (sui), 電 electricity (den), 影 shadow (kage), etc.

Flora and fauna

  • Various plants and animals, usually, an attribute adjective or an adjective verb is added. e.g. 白虎 white tiger (byakko)

Natural phenomenon

  • 風 wind (fu, pu, kaze), 雪 snow (setsu, yuki), 雲 cloud (un, kumo), 雨 rain (u, ame, etc.), 波 wave (ha, nami), etc.

Astral body

  • 月 moon (getsu, tsuki), 星 star (sei, hoshi), 日 sun (nichi, jitsu, hi, bi), etc.


  • 神 gods (shin, kami), 天 deity (ten), 龍・竜 dragon (tatsu, ryu), 鬼 ogre (ki, oni), 魔 devil (ma), 妖 specter (yo, ayakashi), etc.

Japanese antique name *Frequently, it takes the form of [something + suffix that shows male or female]

  • ~兵衛 male (be), ~助 male (suke), ~蔵 male (zo), ~彦 male (hiko), ~丸 male (maru), ~子 female (shi, ko), ~御前 female (gozen), ~姫 female (ki, hime), etc.


About Japanese character “Nin-shinobi”

Ninja Shinobi Kanjispacer2

Japanese character “Nin”of Ninja means “patience”. It also means “stealth”.

This Japanese term is composed of two “Bushu”, a fundamental part of kanji used for classification. The upper part “刃” means “blade”, and the lower one “心” means “mind/spirit”. Totally, Japanese character “Nin” represents “sharp and tough mind like a blade (of the sword)”, and this carries a deep meaning.


Japanese famous ninja clan names

Aomori Pref.(青森県)
Nakagawa Ryu/Kouga(中川流/甲賀系), Kobayato Ryu/Kouga(小隼人流/甲賀系), Horiguchi-Kobayato Ryu/Kouga(堀口小隼人流/甲賀系)

Miyagi Pref.(宮城県)
Ouhen Ryu(応変流), Sai-hou-in Buan Ryu(西法院武安流), Sai-hou-in Ryu(西法院流), Yamagata Ryu(山形流)

Yamagata Pref.(山形県)
Haguro Ryu(羽黒流)

Niigata Pref.(新潟県)
Uesugi Ryu(上杉流), Kaji Ryu(加治流)

Yamanashi Pref.(山梨県)
koshu Ryu(甲州流), Takeda Ryu(武田流), Koyo Ryu(甲陽流), kai Ryu(甲斐流), Kouga Takeda(甲賀武田), Shinpi Ryu(神秘流), Takeda Daitou Ryu(武田大東流), Tengen Ryu(天幻流), Ninko Ryu/Tkeda Ryu(忍甲流/武田流系), Ninko Ryu/Takeda Ryu(忍光流/武田流系)

Nagano Pref.(長野県)
Togakure Ryu(戸隠流), Aoki Ryu(青木流), Akutagawa Ryu(芥川流), Itou Ryu(伊藤流)

Tochigi Pref.(栃木県)
Fukuchi Ryu(福智流), Matsumoto Ryu/Kouga Kimurake Ryu(松元流/甲賀木村家系)

Tokyo Metropolis(東京都)
Mori Ryu/Bakufu Onmitsu Mori Gumi(森流/幕府隠密森組), Chukou Shingan Ryu(忠孝心貫流), Hojo Ryu/Koshu Ryu(北条流/甲州流), Yamaga Ryu/Koshu Ryu(山鹿流/甲州流系)

Ibaraki Pref.(茨城県)
Shintou Ryu(神道流), Matsuda Ryu/Koshu Ryu(松田流/甲州流系)

Kanagawa Pref.(神奈川県)
Izu Ryu(伊豆流), Hojo Ryu(北条流)

Shizuoka Pref.(静岡県)
Mukyokuryojo Ryu(無極量情流), Akiba Ryu(秋葉流)

Aichi Pref.(愛知県)
Ichizen Ryu/Iga + Kouga Ryu(一全流/伊賀・甲賀系), Zen Ryu/Iga + Kouga Ryu(全流/伊賀・甲賀系), Jichi Ryu/Kouga Ryu(自知流/甲賀流), Takino Ryu(滝野流/伊賀流系), Tou Ryu(当流/伊賀流系)

Mie Pref.(三重県)
Iga Ryu(伊賀流), Igasaki Ryu/Iga Ryu(伊賀崎流/伊賀流), Ooi Ryu/Iga Ryu(大井流/伊賀流), Uchikawa Ryu/Iga Ryu(内川流/伊賀流), Takayama Ryu/Iga Ryu(高山流/伊賀流), Kouzuki Ryu/Iga Ryu(上月流/伊賀流), Sawa Ryu/Iga Ryu(沢流/伊賀流), Taki Ryu/Kouga + Iga Ryu(滝流/伊賀・甲賀系), Tsuge Ryu/Iga Ryu(柘植流/伊賀流), Tsuji Ichimu Ryu/kouga + Iga Ryu(辻一務流/伊賀・甲賀系), Hattori Ryu/Iga Ryu(服部流/伊賀流), Fujibayashi ryu/Iga Ryu(藤林流/伊賀流), Momochi Ryu/Iga Ryu(百地流/伊賀流), Araki Ryu/Iga Ryu(荒木流/伊賀流), Kitamura Ryu/Iga Ryu(北村流/伊賀流), Tomoda Ryu/Iga Ryu(友田流/伊賀流), Oota Ryu/Iga Ryu(太田流/伊賀流), Kami Tsugeshi Ryu/Iga Ryu(上柘植氏流/伊賀流), Yoshimori Ryu/Iga Ryu(義盛流/伊賀流), Soga Ryu/Iga Ryu(曾我流/伊賀流), Uchiyama Ryu(内山流), Nagai Ryu(永井流)

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Mangetsu – Ninja name hanko stamp

Ninja name Mangetsu


The image is the ninja name hanko stamp design for “Mangetsu” which represents the full moon; the moon seen a complete circle without lacking. Japanese sensibility has expressed the aspect of a lot of moons from ancient times. It is in the form of the phases of the moon, brightness, appearance, lunar age, and the position. It is possible to look how the Japanese has loved moons. Especially, it is thought that the full moon is the most beautiful, overflowed in the mystic force.

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Ninja name Oboro


Oboro ninja name represents the moon on night of spring that may be wrapped in steam, and misted softly. In the Japanese poem, there is a lot of poetrys that focus on beauty in the misted moon, as a symbol of elegance of transience and senses.

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Ninja name Rairyu

Rairyu ninja name originates from a kind of dragons. In Japanese legendry, dragons are the personification of various energies, and Rairyu is a symbol of thunder. This is an especially prompt kind in the dragon, when they appear, they generate the thunderstorm that the enemy is made to cause the sense of reverent awe.

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Ninja name Ayanami


Ninja nameAyanami” is one of the beautiful Japanese names that describe the scene of the sea.

It shows a calm surface of the sea that reflects the morning sun and the evening sun and shines brilliantly.
It symbolizes calm, strong vitality of the natural world.

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Ninja name Saizo


Saizo ninja name is well-known as the first name of Japanese legendary ninja, Kirigakure Saizo (霧隠才蔵). Generally, saizo is one of good old Japanese person’s names.

Homonyms ninja names
宰蔵(superintend), 斎蔵(purification), 彩蔵(prominent), 裁蔵(judge), 西蔵(west), 砦蔵(fortress)…

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Ninja name Kikyo


Kikyo ninja name is a woman’s name with beautiful sense of sound. This neat flower has been loved from ancient times in Japan. Japanese famous crest “Kikyo Mon” was made in the motif of the shape of the flower.

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